Inter-generational Bridging The Gap



PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The objective of this program is to initiate a neighborhood project that will bring together seniors and youth in the same setting for the purpose of closing the communication divide that currently exist between them in the designated neighborhoods.

  • PURPOSE: This inter-generational bridging the gap endeavor will ideally be a collaborative effort between the areas’ social and community activists, church leaders, and neighborhood block organizations. This is achievable through discussions and activities that are geared toward, “BRIDGING THE GAP”. This will be pivotal in transitioning neighborhoods into communities

  • ISSUE: The community is under threat and siege because of the generation gap that exist, and because of the communication breakdown between the identified targeted populations.

  • SOLUTIONS: This forum is solution-driven and designed to enhance meetings and interactions between the two diverse parties that will create and bring about friendships and bonds that will ultimately eliminate the communication divide that currently exist.