In-authoritative-subordinate relationships between parents and their children, fear accompanied by respect produced obedience. This practice has been lost over the last 40 years in family relationships, because the right to raise their children in a stern and disciplined environment has been taken out of the capable and loving hands of parents and placed into the indifferent hands of the state. Though not always popular with the youth of that time, the ethical and moral lessons learned by children reared under that doctrine was essential to enhance th eir ability to live fruitful lives as productive citizens. Somewhere along the path we’ve lost the way, as we replaced parenting with friendship, discipline with tolerance, and expectations with acceptance.

We have relinquished our control and lost a great number of our children to the modern day plagues of drugs, crime, and violence. Consequently, thousands have been lost forever but it’s not too late to protect the innocent and embark upon a journey of soul-redemption for the youth who are still reachable and teachable. We must seize the moment and create opportunities that will enable us to turn things around for our youth and let them know that they have a future worth planning and living for, thus we will have succeeded with our mission. But to do this we must get moving, get in gear, and put our efforts in drive…