All of the community stakeholders are collectively responsible for eliminating the social ills that plagues our neighborhoods so that they can evolve to become communities.

(1) Project Drive Inc.

The Mission of Project Drive Inc. is to introduce drug intervention and violence elimination initiatives. The organizational objective is to instill positive decision-making skills in children, youth, and young adults through a comprehensive array of strategies.

promotes the notion that “It Takes A Village To Raise A Child” and therefore seeks to maximize the unified efforts of various community organizations, school officials, clergy and community residents to alleviate and eventually eliminate the social ills and blight that plagues our communities across America.

(2) The mission of Project Drive Inc.

Is to eliminate the drugs, violence and criminal behavior that is perpetuated in our neighborhoods. Our goal is to instill positive decision making skills in our youth through a comprehensive array of strategies and innovative initiatives. We promote total community involvement as the driving force to transform our neighborhoods into communities.

(3) We are here

  • To intervene, interrupt and eliminate the detrimental influence caused by teenagers and young adults who promote negative and criminal behavior through peer-pressure and organized gang-recruitment tactics.

  • To develop and instill strong disciplined moral standards as well as practical tools and avoidance tactics in school-aged youths in order to increase their ability and desire to withstand the negative advances and recruitment antics of the criminal element.

  • To heighten their awareness and acceptance of the notion that, “If they don’t stand for something – they’ll fall for anything”.

  • To assist our participants with setting achievable educational and career goals.

  • To improve the dialogue and relationships between our participants, their parents, school personnel and local law-enforcement entities.

  • To implement alternative programs that will alleviate the destructive aspects of “The idle-mind – idle-time” situations that makes the glamorous aspects of criminal activities appear attractive to impressionable youth.