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Project Drive promotes the notion that, "It takes a village to raise a child". Our primary focus is to unify all of the stakeholders in the community to collaboratively maximize their efforts to transform our neighborhoods into communities.  All of the community stakeholders are collectively responsible for eliminating the social ills that plagues our neighborhoods so that they can evolve to become communities.  The stakeholders consists of the various neighborhood service organizations, neighborhood clergy, residents and the elected officials sworn to serve and protect the rights of their constituency.


The mission of Project Drive is to eliminate the drugs, violence and criminal behavior that is perpetuated in our neighborhoods.  Our goal is to instill positive decision making skills in our youth through a comprehensive array of strategies and innovative initiatives.  We promote total community involvement as the driving force to transform our neighborhoods into communities.


Project Drive is focused on delivering high-quality services to our program participants. Our primary goal is to produce beneficial and measurable results.  We will do everything we can to exceed your expectations and we believe you'll be happy to work with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Project Drive is a self-help program that is focused on providing adolescents and young adults with practical skills and viable options that can combat the negative influences that drugs, violence and criminal behavior have on their lives and futures.  Firmly embracing the notion that "It takes a village to raise a child",  this program promotes community spirit and relies on the involvement of parents, school officials, church groups and community service organizations. 

New Jersey crime stats.

Today's youth are on a self-destructive course because of how over-indulgence in drugs, crime and violence has been glorified in our society.  Several recent studies reflect that the destructive path of our youth is attributed to their inclination to demonstrate anti-social behavior.
1) The popularity of the violence negatively expressed in a great deal of today's music.

2)  The overall decline in the moral fibers of the family structure.
3)  The systematic stripping of parents to discipline their children. And
4)  The rise in diseases/deaths resulting from adolescents and young adults engaging in unprotected sex.


The solution is twofold.  The first part of the solution calls on the music industry to garner the support and participation  by its renowned artist to negate the glorified hype centered around drugs, crime, violence and gang-activity.  And to strengthen the message that encourages safe and responsible sex among teens and young adults.  The second part of the solution calls for funding resources to defray costs for implementing and sustaining viable after-school programs.  This will serve as a deterrent to the " idle-time idle-mind syndrome" that is the core of the negative behavior prevalent in todays youth.  Our program's initiatives are geared  toward promoting positive self-images with emphasis placed upon securing an excellent education as the key to gaining a competitive edge in tomorrow's workforce.

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Our youth will be driven in the right direction!